Changes and new arrivals

Well it has been way too long, I didn’t realize how long. Life got in the way and winters were too mild to be inside for long or either we were off somewhere warm in the world. I have finished the area for the daybed, and the garden there is a tribute to my parents with a few over the top bright geraniums as my Mum loved them. My most prized plants are put in there as it is so sheltered. I have a very small licuala peltata which I coveted for a long time and finally managed to buy. It has survived two winters and as the soil is more gravelly there, it is taking it’s time growing but it is growing. Another very recent and much coveted plant is Thunbergia mysorensis which will climb up and over the opening to the daybed area with the wild yellow tortuosa heliconia growing beside it. Both are very happy even now, still growing new leaves just after the winter solstice here. I have been collecting cordyline fruticosas and now have 14 different varieties, most with gorgeous colourings but I feel it is time to stop with the cordylines and my new love is calatheas. Happy days, the garden is starting to look as I imagined it from the very start.


IMG_3592IMG_3656IMG_4867IMG_4855IMG_5281The plants have grown so much in this area now, and this last photo is one of the beautiful varigated impatiens I have planted in this garden. The paving is looking less new and has developed more definition. Following are some of the new daybed plants


We now have a pot that I made for a blue tropical water lily and more orchids have been added to trees and spotted around the garden but that is for another day


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